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Posted by Merck3 - August 28th, 2011

No one reads this. This is more of a commemoration of sorts, to note how long i have been a member of this site. I really do like it, but lately, there has been a lot of garbage, and not a whole lot of great material, from new or old authors. Maybe flash is a dying breed. I hope this is not the case. This site has given me many great laughs and many joys through out the years. But maybe, as the art portal opened doors to new viewers and submitters, newgrounds again needs to break into new grounds. And I have never really felt newgrounds has been a tight community, just a bunch of loosely tied together people who pick on other peoples hard work. Well, in the end, it had been great being a part of this site's history.

Posted by Merck3 - August 8th, 2008

well, this is just about me i guess. i love the music portal here, ive considered putting my own stuff up because i think it rivals alot of whats on here, but i dont feel like going through the effort of looking at like 7 comments that all say either its really good or really bad, because lets be honest, half the people that look through the audio portal, have absolutely no idea what they are talking about when it comes to musical intricacies, or the quality of a recording or the sound of an instrument. And since the audio portal has a lot less viewers than it deserves, my music would be better suited else where anyway.
when it comes to flash, there are only a few artists that are worth mentioning in my books. the first being Adam Philips. genius, then of course you have tom and j utah. and then the only other artists i can even name are stamper and ego raptor. so there you go. there are some small timers with some good submissions, but no one really worth boasting about. and way, there you go, maybe, if anyone reads this, ill try to get some of my audio submissions on here in the future. peace to ya