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I thought this was really cool. i liked the beginning much more than the end however, there seemed to be more animation in it. This could be amazing if you keep working on it: better frame rates and more detail at the end. great start!

Such a good start. Sam L. is the greatest.

So informational.

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Okay now...

This game had some great elements, and some elements that could have used some refinement.

The overall game play was fun and interesting. The progress of the first part of the game was flawless-- with useful skill upgrades, weapons that work, zombies that don't lag, a good zombie plot and lots of melee. The different elements were incredible for a flash game, the lock picking, the mission system (though a little repetitive, welcome to rpg's i guess), the clothing customization---it was going beautifully.

Part way through the more advanced weapons come into play and I found myself, as have others, loading clip after clip into zombies with relatively no effect. The only automatic gun i found useful was the FAL and the very end of the game. The rest just shot quickly, missed most of the time and got me killed quite a bit. I just started to build up my melee and picked up the mallet and started swinging.

Towards the end there was a lot of lag, the story got sort of dry ish and i was getting tired of going into rooms looking for guns that didn't work that well (my fault, of course). Additionally, when one reaches the end, you just run out of gas and fade out. after all of that game play it felt extremely unrewarding--no zombie free paradise, no zombie island, not evil corporation intervention. just out of gas. But i would like to say it was not all bad, in fact i quite enjoyed the majority of the game.

-great customization of character in stats, appearance and gear, this added a lot to the overall feel of the game.
-great visuals and audio, granted everything, this is still a great looking FLASH game, which people need to remember when making useless, non-constructive comments about the quality. Con-Artists put together a great game.
-Fun fast-paced game play that allowed for many types of playing styles.
-replay value is generally non-existent in most flash games, but i believe that the sheer amount of upgrading that one can do would allow for multiple plays.

-Glitches, as in pushing zombies off and reloading multiple times over ( I know this was brought up in a couple reviews), entering the heal menu only to find that the game did not pause and the character dying, when things became graphically intensive all of the buttons froze sometimes.
-sometimes useless skills, like lock picking after the first two stages in the game, and honestly, guns in general. melee was so OP after stat 80 that it was barely even worth switching to bullets for the most part.
-one dimensional zombie slaughtering, it just got a lot dry half way through the game, maybe boss fights or special zombies (like most modern zombie games) to help switch it up. maybe different quest types or combat variations that would allow for a little more variety in all of these respects.
-story, especially towards the end, and in fact the ending. just not good. i don't think anyone disagrees.

overall, you guys deserve a 5 and a high score just for sheer effort. for a flash game the depth here is unlike any game i've played on newgrounds. if you guys worked out the kinks here, put together a better story and had a little more dynamic to the combat (and fix the guns, way too inconsistent), you guys would have put together one of the best flash games ever made! Hats off to you guys for this effort, it really is amazing.

Has real promise

The upgrade system didn't work for me, the money never went down and none of the purchases worked. Also i thought the backdrop could be slightly distracting.


I don't care about the strange sexual nature of the flash, but there was only one specific spot that you could hit the fairy and that target was very small. The shots are slow and i found it hard to lead them in order for the fairy to hit them. I don't like either how the shots taper off speed and direction at some critical height. In all, slow paced, hard to hit the targets or even lead them and it definitely needs more tweaking.

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What a stunning piece. This fits a certain mood perfectly. Please, continue to do what you do.

Bosa responds:

I shall! Don't worry, and I have something very interesting coming up soon.

agreed, at 0: 30 it is much too loud, speakers were blowing out slightly. tame that down. And agreed again, if you added a bit more in the form of a base line, rhythmically, etc. i think this song could be kickin. love what you have so far though.

Xxf3nxX responds:

Thank you, I did what i could to imporve the song, I mastered it the best I could. There's nothing more I can do to this song but I'll keep that in mind for my next songs.

If you could drop a little more variation into the base part, rhythmically, i think this song would benefit greatly. As it stands now, a real head banger, but maybe some 16th notes in the base line could add a tiny bit of variation.

shesmackshard responds:

I understand what you mean, but I wanted to keep the drop very slow I originally had several 16th notes. plus Im already on to other projects, its a done project! thanks for the input though!

i win.

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